GotzI have always wanted to go to the Drakensberg’s Amphitheatre.

There has been talk for some time with the brothers. The challenge was to do it in one day? I spoke to some people who hike on a regular basis and they said we were crazy!!! Now, I had to show them, that I/we can do it. But I knew that it would not be easy and I needed to get fit but the time was too short for getting fit. Went onto the internet to see what other people had to say regarding the hike. They said the entire hike would take between 4.5 and 9 hours up and down depending on fitness level and only carrying a small backpack. A week before the trip, I went on 5km walk and I finished the walk in just over an hour. Was I ready??!!IMG 0044s

We left 5 o’clock from the church. The bus trip was not comfortable (no music, no videos), but the chatting and some stories with the brothers made the trip more enjoyable. As we got closer to the Berg we saw the Sentinel sticking out from a distance. When we finally stopped we saw how majestic the Drakensberg is and the Sentinel was sticking out even more, just like a sore thumb.

The start of the hike was quite easy, but the wind was not pleasant. The route hugs the mountain side and zigzagged all the way up. Some parts are very narrow with a straight drop of hundreds of metres. There are relatively steep sections as well as easier flat parts where we could stop and take in the view and photograph the natural beauty that we found ourselves submerged in. The view is just breath taking. This is not for those with vertigo and I’m scared of heights.

For me the hike just didn’t want to end and we just went higher and higher and then around the Sentinel and then even higher. This is when I wanted to give up, I was just too tired to go on. Mark showed me where we still had to go to and that it was more or less flat. The guys encouraged me to keep going. I drank some water and had some sweets, put on some music, which I should have done long ago, listened to ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘Our God’. Just praising the Lord made me forget how tired I was and this made the walk more pleasurable.

When we arrived at the Chain Ladders my heart stopped. The ladders are straight-up, the wind was howling and I was tired. I said, “no way will I climb up today”. Three of the brothers went up to the top and the others stayed. After eating, drinking and resting I started feeling much better.

When you are so high up and look over the valleys, the only words that you can exclaim are:

“One of the best views in SA” “Majestic Mountain”

“Stunning” “Wow!”

On the way down we had some rain and in a flash we were back at the carpark. I think our hearts where longing for home. The drive back was quite, some people even closed their eyes for a couple of minutes. I think we were all reflecting on what we had achieved that day.

This was one of the greatest hikes I’ve been on, although I was sore for a couple of days. This is when you see how small you are, compared to the concrete jungle and the majestic mountains that God has created. It was just overwhelming. Thank you Lord, that I could be part of this trip and that you brought us all home safely.

How great is our God.