1 road trip

1 day

1 bus

6 hours walking

9 hours driving

8 guys









It was a crazy idea that was mentioned once and then kept popping up. Gradually more men warmed to the idea and others kept it alive even though they seemed adamant it was a terrible idea.

The idea was to leave Johannesburg at 5:00am, using the 20 something year old church bus, a bright red Mazda Marathon; travel 4.5 hours to Phuthaditjhaba; hike to the top of the Amphitheater via two chain ladders; see the view; hike back; drive the 4.5 hours back home and do all this in one day.

OK, so it was a crazy idea, but there was a great awareness of how Great our Creator God is and how small we are. There was encouragement, pain, perseverance, bonding, laughter, trepidation, brotherly love and much about God. Even though only three men made it all the way to the top of Amphitheater, everyone came back richer for the brotherly experience.............Mark