I grew up in the Catholic Church and completed all the formalities required from being baptised as an infant to first Holy Communion. I attended services regularly, was an altar boy and served where I could as a young adult. I got married and my two daughters were baptised in the Catholic Church.

I considered myself a good person. This was my reality because I served God through good works and my “goodness” was about me compared to other people. I thought I was good because I was better than others: murderers, rapists, thieves. I did not realise that compared to a perfect God I was far from good and my good deeds did not amount to anything. I knew about God but I really did not know Him.

Despite this when I look back I can clearly see how He was moving me to a place where I would know Him intimately. There were many a “coincidence” and “chance” happening that I now know was the work of the Lord. One of these being a business cold call which, after an initial rejection, was the start of a friendship that has lasted over 25 years and was instrumental in me joining a Bible teaching church where for the first time I felt the insatiable thirst for Bible reading and expository preaching. This friendship also guided and directed me in my growth in understanding more about the God I was serving and about Jesus Christ who sacrificed everything so that I could have a real relationship with God.

I don’t have a specific date on which I was saved but rather a process of God working in my life that culminated in me being ready to hear and respond to God’s undeniable calling on my life in a place where His word was preached faithfully and with conviction. It has continued to be an amazing journey with highlights that I could not have dreamed of and deep challenges that are a precious part of my sanctification.

There is no longer any coincidence or chance in my life, just the perfect provision of God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in every area of my life. The Lord guided me, my wife Ann and my two daughters, Nicola and Candice, to FBC in December 2012, where our desire to serve Him and His body has grown to new heights.
To God be all the glory.

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ. (Eph 2:13)



To see our spiritual family at FBC grow in faith, worship and humility; through unconditional love and encouragement; particularly for those who are hurting and lost; so that we would be totally poured out for the Lord and each other.